Mindful Relationship Summit

Kürzlich habe ich mich bei folgender Online-Konferenz angemeldet und habe mir eben die ersten Beiträge angehört. Vielleicht schreibe ich später noch mehr über meine Eindrücke.
Doch vorerst mag ich dich über die beabsichtigten Inhalte und die Anmeldemöglichkeit informieren:


Mindful Relationship SummitLearn How to Create More Loving, Passionate, Honest, and Resilient Relationships

The Free 5-Day Online Experience Begins May 17th 
hosted by The Awake Network in Partnership with Shambhala Mountain Center   


Der 1. Tag wählt die Schwerpunkte Sinnvolle oder achtsame Beziehungen (Mindful Relationships)

  • Learn the foundations of mindfulness
  • Discover the keys to a healthy relationship and how you can cultivate them in your own life
  • Explore the powerful connection between love, peace, and justice
  • Join in a guided mindfulness meditation

Der 2. Tag widmet sich dem Sich Verlieben (Falling in Love)

  •  Explore the connection between mindfulness and passion
  •  Recognize the differences between love, passion, and infatuation
  •  Learn what happens to our brains when we fall in love
  •  Understand the most common misconceptions about love and dating that can cause more harm than good

Der 3. Tag lotet das gemeinsame Wachsen in Liebe oder den Verlust von Liebe (Growing in Love and Losing Love)

  •  Explore your relationship with yourself and discover the power of self-compassion
  •  Learn how to work with heartbreak and loss
  •  Understand the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion
  •  Become aware of how the idea of romance may actually harm your relationships
  •  Join in a guided loving-kindness practice

Der 4. Tag handelt über In Liebe sein und bleiben (Standing in Love and Staying in Love)

  • Discover what mindfulness and psychology have to teach us about building relationships that last
  • Take away key insights for working with challenge in relationships
  • Learn 5 steps for happy, lasting love from today’s cutting-edge researchers
  • Find out which habits build healthy relationships, and which ones weaken them
  • Join in a guided meditation focused on relationship resilience

Der 5. Tag widmet sich der Liebe als spiritueller Weg (Love as a Spiritual Path)

  • Learn the difference between “being in love” and “being love”
  • Explore the connection between your personal relationships, and your impact in the world
  • Explore the ways in which your relationships can help you grow
  • Join in a guided practice with Acharya Gaylon Ferguson


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