Welcome to erosCAPE

Thank you for your visit to the short overview in English of our network “Erfahrungskreis”. It embraces several circles and projects to integrate love, sexuality, spirituality and development. We focus on integral consciousness and evolution in many fields of our life, such as relationship, communication, healing, mediality, terminal and palliative care, awareness, cultural philosophy, self-awareness and creativity.

We translate our network Erfahrungskreis as Circles of Awareness, Practice and Evolution - erosCAPE - in English.

Our previously rather private and mostly German speaking circles are ready to open up to experienced people and networks around the world.

Feel free to get in contact with us. You find our addresses on the page impressum.

Have a look at our first pages in English:

The other webpages are mostly in German. They present our circles, projects and journeys (Alle Gruppen & Projekte), all the events of our circles and of some more organisations we are related with (Kalender Events) and a lot of ideas and suggestions for your personal life practice (Infos zur Lebenspraxis). There are several internal zones for people who participate in a circle, project or journey. People who study with us can also access our internal media library online.