Short overview of the Erfahrungskreis

The Erfahrungskreis - the Circles of Awareness, Practice and Evolution (erosCAPE) is a network and community of awareness groups in Switzerland and in German speaking countries.
The main topics are love, sexuality and spirituality as entry lines to our life practice.
It's a postpostmodern or teal practice community, sangha or just a new kind of WE.

We look forward to get in contact and to exchange with people who have a similar life practice.
We are neither business orientated nor we feel competition.
We would like to meet you as friend and buddy for life practice. We appreciate the many existing perspectives and movements.

The main topics
In our society the topics or lines love and sexuality are usually still assigned to the private life and sometimes they are even kept in the shadow. Most people in our „normal“ society don't like to speak about them in public and don't even think about to integrate them in their spiritual life practice at all.

We invite people to open themselves more and more to love, sexuality and spirituality and to a combination that can be learned. It's not only an encreasing ability in a flat way like more techniques, methods or positions but rather an evolution of our love and of our consciousness. With this view love, sexuality and spirituality are belonging to the whole cosmos, not only to a couple or to one person.

Horizontal and vertical growth
We intend an integral growth in various aspects of the daily life like relationship, partnership, community, health and healing, work and profession/vocation. This means that we use the combination of these three lines as entry points or focus to finally reach all fields of the integral landscape and of the cosmos.

This is not only a serious studying field for us; it helps us to be more connected to our hearts and we also have quite much fun.

Groups and projects
Actually there are ongoing groups such as „Evolution of love“, „sexual flow“, „healing“, gender groups and the topic „worldly existence and the beyond“.

  • In the project of love we experience that love is much more than an emotion or to be smart, and much more than a form of partnership or a sexual act (what suspects a lot of people of our culture).
  • The project sexual flow is an ongoing group since 2006, where we research and practice what makes up the essence and evolution of sexuality. We focus on flow in the sense of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, on the many aspects and subtle layers of sexuality and on the connections we can experience for example to love, to ecstasy, to being a couple, to being in a mystic tradition and to being an aspect of the cosmic creation and vibration. And more: As sex is often kept in the shadow or even is misused since countless generations, we practice sexual flow for healing and for all levels of consciousness.
  • Healing is a new project, where we start our attention in us and in our environment. This includes body, mind, emotions, SPIRIT, shadow, love, vibration/energy and more parts of the integral map and life practice.
  • In the project of the beyond and the worldly existence we try to get a glimpse of the multiple aspects of the beyond and of the transitions there. We focus as well to the big letting go, to main aspects of accompanying seriously ill and dying people and to a perception of what shows up when the dimensions of space and time dissolve. In this project we also will be preoccupied with the question, how our development lines love, sexuality and spirituality can be nourished and unfolded as older people.

Methods and lines
We are using a broad mix of methods on different layers: thinking, emotion, body, SPIRIT, shadow. The work with sounds that stimulate our awareness, energy work and rituals and methods of several mystic lines are part of our practice as well.

As structure of our learning we use workshops from 1 to 14 days, journeys to India of up to 16 weeks where we have a deep personal exchange, and of course we also use modern media like telephone conferences and our internet platform.

Self-governance, responsibility and changing role
With friends, that join our groups regularly we understand ourselves as a form of supporting circle and as a post-postmodern form of community or sangha. Some of us are living and exploring new models of extended partnership. These structures and our understanding of living in community are also important topics of our explorations.

We appeal everybody to the responsibility both for him- and herself, for a fruitful flow in our common workshops and for the welfare of the whole group. We care about that everyone has the chance to express oneself and to bring ones uniqueness into the group.

It is our intention to listen to each other attentively, to speak about our personal experiences, to cultivate a careful and transparent exchange, to create a feeling of WE and to support each other in focusing on the unfolding of our consciousness.

Self-awareness for private and professional growth
The Erfahrungskreis sees itself as a container of self-awareness. Everybody works on a voluntary basis. After a long period of working in a loose group the Erfahrungskreis got the structure of a charitable organization with transparent roles and processes in May 2012. We intend to use holacracy as a base for organization and working together.

The Erfahrungskreis also has become a research and practice field for experts in therapy, coaching, sexological bodywork and spiritual lines. It is valuable to have an exchange among professionals and advanced people about our main themes. The desire emerges to establish in the future a new circle for qualified and commercial offers, which can be distinguished from the non profit-oriented Erfahrungskreis.

To contact us
We will be glad to get to know and to connect with persons and groups who practice in a similar way. You find our address in Impressum & Kontakt.